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Stipulations for Passengers with Bicycles

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2015/5/15

Notice to Passengers Travelling with Bicycles

Amendments Published on May. 15, 2015

  1. To promote leisure activities in line with Taipei City Government’s policy, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) allows passengers to travel by metro with their bicycles during certain time periods. Cyclists shall abide by the Mass Rapid Transit Act and related regulations bulletined at metro stations.
  2. Effective time periods: Passengers with bicycles are allowed to enter certain metro stations from 6am to the end of the service on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Notice will be bulletined separately in the event of any change to this policy.
  3. Bicycle access is available on all lines apart from the Wenhu line.
  4. Stations with bicycle access and transfer possibilities:
    (1) Bicycle access is available at all stations except the following:
    a. Tamsui Station
    b. Taipei Main Station
    c. Daan Station
    d. Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
    e. Nanjing Fuxing Station
    f. All stations on the Wenhu Line
    (2) Transfer stations: Cyclists may only transfer at stations open to bicycles.
    (3) Cyclists are not allowed to disembark or transfer at Taipei Main Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, Daan Station and Nanjing Fuxing Station.
    (4) Cyclists who do not comply with regulations in regard to entering/exiting/transferring at stations in which bicycles are not permitted will be fined pursuant to Paragraph 1-4 in Article 50 of the Mass Rapid Transit Act.
  5. Entering and exiting stations: Cyclists are prohibited from using the escalators and instead shall use staircases, elevators (a maximum of two bicycles) and wheelchair ramps.
  6. Fare: A ticket is valid for one person with a single bicycle and is good for one trip of unlimited distance. A full fare will be charged for each cyclist. A single-journey ticket for cyclists costs NT$80. Cyclists shall buy the ticket at the Information Counter, which will be retrieved by station staff at the destination station. The ticket holder should enter and exit the station together with the bicycle.
  7. Service gate: Please contact station staff to enter and exit stations through the"Group Ticket/One-day Pass Entrance/Exit."
  8. Bicycles aboard:
    (1) Bicycles are allowed to board only at either end of the train. Inside each door is a vertical handrail for a maximum of two bicycles (a maximum of sixteen bicycles per train). Cyclists shall not occupy the space for wheelchairs and shall follow signs to wait for the train. If the train is too crowded, please wait for the next one.
    (2) Bicycles should be parked between the vertical handrail and cyclists themselves, and perpendicular to the train’s operation direction.
    (3) Cyclists shall stay by bicycles and hold them firmly at all times.
    (4) Cyclists shall allow other passengers to board and exit the train first and avoid dirtying the clothing of other passengers through contact with the bicycle.
    (5) In case of emergency, please follow instructions to move bicycles to the side of unopened doors to ensure a safe exit for all.
  9. Points for attention:
    (1) Only traditional bicycles and power-assisted bicycles are allowed to enter the Taipei Metro. The size of which shall not exceed 180cm long, 120cm high and 70cm wide. Motorized bicycles (equipped with a gas tank or batteries), tandems and non-standard bicycles are not allowed on the metro.
    (2) Passengers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults when bringing bicycles into the metro.
    (3) Passengers with bicycles shall allow the elderly and those with disabilities to take elevators and board the train first.
    (4) Cyclists shall keep their bicycles clean. TRTC may refuse to transport cyclists should their bicycles may dirty the station facilities or the clothing of other passengers.
    (5) Cyclists shall bear legal responsibility for any damage to TRTC or third party property.
    (6) TRTC may refuse to transport cyclists who cause inconvenience for other passengers or affect train operations.
    (7) In case of emergency, cyclists may not be allowed to enter the metro system temporarily.
  10. Passengers with bicycles shall abide by the Mass Rapid Transit Act, related regulations and notices promulgated by TRTC. If cyclists violate any of the aforementioned rules and cause injury or harm to themselves, TRTC shall not take responsibility.
  11. TRTC may adjust bicycle access periods and stations and other related regulations.

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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation