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What is the installation plan for the platform screen doors? Are there any other ways to prevent accidents caused by passenger intrusion on the tracks?

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2017/10/20

(1)Taipei Metro currently has 117 stations across its network, of which 101 are equipped with Platform Screen Doors (PSD); installation works are ongoing at the remaining 16 stations. All Metro stations will be fitted with PSD by 2018.
(2)Stations not yet installed with PSD are readily equipped with the Track Intrusion Detection System, which uses infrared detectors and laser measurement sensors to detect movement in the track area along platforms, around platform end doors, the gaps between the train and the platform end doors, and beyond the platform warning strips. An alarm is activated when a passenger steps into any of these areas, sending a warning to the control center and triggering CCTV cameras to focus on the location where the activity has been detected, while giving notice to station staff so they are able to attend to the scene immediately. This design helps prevent accidents and improves system safety.

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  • Updated: 2017/10/20 11:07
  • Reviewed: 2017/11/9 11:55

  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation