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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation Contractor Safety Training Information

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2015/3/31

I. Relevant Safety training and work certificate information provided for contractor's application.

II. Application Office: contract management or contacting unit of TRTC.

III. Schedule of Weekly Courses:

Schedule of Weekly Courses
Name of Course
1Class-A Contractor Safety Training   
2Class-B Contractor Safety Training     
3Class-A and Class-B Contractor Safety Training    
4Class-C Contractor Safety Training    
5Class-A Contractor Safety Differential Training   
6Class-B Contractor Safety Differential Training    
7Contractor Safety Review Training    

IV. Contractor of the TRTC may acquire application forms from contractor management or the contacting unit.

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  • Updated: 2015/3/31 09:31
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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation