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Wireless Broadband Network

Wireless Broadband Network

The Introduction of Metro Public Wireless Broadband Network

In response to the growing needs of an information society and the global trend toward digitalization, the Taipei City Government has been actively developing a wireless broadband network since February 2004. Given its high ridership counts, surrounding population density and the numerous business areas it runs through, Taipei Metro stations have also been included in the scope of wireless broadband constructions.

At present, the wireless broadband networks at Taipei Metro stations have readily been installed, providing internet services such as emailing, web browsing and file downloading. The Internet services use Wi-Fi network technology and are implemented in 3 parts:

(1) Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi "Taipei Free": This service allows the public to access messages, browse websites, upload and download files and make free internet phone calls while out and about. Please refer to the service website at www.tpe-free.taipei.gov.tw for more information about "Taipei Free".

(2) Taipei public wireless LAN "WiFly": This is a payable internet service which, in addition to the above services, also provides high network usage such as multimedia streaming. For more information on WiFly, please refer to the service website at www.wifly.com.tw

(3) Free AD Wi-Fi: A free internet service. This service is currently available on Tamsui-Xinyi and Bannan line trains and stations. Service on the remaining lines will be set up before the end of 2017. For more information on "Free AD Wi-Fi", please refer to the service website at www.adwifi.com.tw/tpe-free-ad-wifi/

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