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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Shiny Rabbit Lantern Shows up at MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station2023-01-07
2TRTC Successfully Meets the Challenge of New Year's Eve Transport Service2023-01-01
3Mayor Visits TRTC, Emphasizes Safety during New Year’s Eve Transport2022-12-29
4Limited-run Bunny Ears Lantern for 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei2022-12-28
5TRTC Recognized for Establishing Friendly Child-raising Environment2022-12-22
6Maokong Gondola Reopens after Annual Maintenance, Introduces New EasyCard2022-12-11
7Face Mask Still Required on Public Transportation in Taipei, New Taipei2022-12-01
8Ping Pong Matches Held at Self-service Table Tennis Court in MRT Banqiao Station2022-11-25
9Christmas Lights at MRT Facilities Around Town 2022-11-23
10Children from Remote Regions Embark on MRT Exploration Tour2022-10-17
11Maokong Gondola Celebrates 15th Anniversary2022-10-07
12TRTC Joins Forces with Taoyuan Metro to Introduce New Joint Ticket2022-10-07
13TCAP Family Fun Deals for Double Ten Holiday2022-10-06
14​Metro Fresh! Smart Greenhouse Established at MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station2022-09-30
15Summer Days Family Carnival to Take Place at MRT Nangang Station August 202022-08-18
16New Majimeow-themed Train Spotted along Tamsui-Xinyi Line2022-07-19
17Fireworks Show to Take Place at Dadaocheng on July 302022-07-18
18Taipei City Comes in 10th on Monocle’s Most Livable City Ranking2022-07-07
19Enjoy Urban Exploration with Taipei Anytime – Now with Additional Perks!2022-07-04
20​Register Now for the Returning 2022 Metro Street Dance Competition2022-06-24