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Application and use of digital student identity EasyCard?

The digital student identity EasyCard is jointly issued by local education authorities or universities in cooperation with the EasyCard Corporation. It combines functions of a student identity card and student EasyCard. For methods of application and reissue due to card malfunction, please contact the relevant school. For detailed regulations regarding digital student identity EasyCard for Taipei City elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools, please refer to the “Points for attention on digital student identity EasyCard” issued by the Department of Education, Taipei City Government.
1. The fare is calculated in the same way as a student EasyCard. After a student graduates and student status has expired, the fare will be calculated in the same way as an adult EasyCard.
2. After a student graduates but student status has not expired, please contact EasyCard Corporation for refund. In cases where student status has expired, a refund application can also be made at Taipei Metro stations.
3. Certain digital student identity EasyCards require that the user add value of at least NT$100 before first use because the initial disposable amount is -NT$100. NT$100 of the added value will be designated as deposit and can be reclaimed when an application for a refund is made.