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​Taipei Metro Linear Park Completion and Design Exhibition Held April 16 to May 8—Witness the Transformation and Innovation of Taipei

In parallel with the Taipei City Government's plans to develop the North Town Quasi-Museum, Taipei Metro has completed renovations of the Linear Park between Taipei Main Station and Yuanshan Metro Station. From April 16 to May 8, Very Taipei: Taipei Metro Linear Park Completion and Design Exhibition will be held outside Exit 1 of Zhongshan Metro Station. Taipei Mayor Wen-Je Ko personally paid a visit on opening day to experience the evolution and renewal undergone by the city; several famous artists are also invited to perform. We welcome everyone to drop by and witness for themselves the transformation and innovation of Taipei.

The Linear Park Completion and Design Exhibition starts at Exit 1 of Zhongshan Metro Station and extends to Chang'an West Road, divided into 5 exhibition areas. The first exhibition area is an eye-catching stage installation fashioned from stacked blocks featuring keywords that reflect the current state of Linear Park. The second exhibition area gives the public a better understanding of Linear Park's design features through illustrated interviews, models, drafts, and 3D projections provided by the Park's architects. In the third area, the public can experience the Linear Park in its entirety before its completion through an interactive media interface. In the fourth area, we invited Zhe-Sheng Zhang, a master of nostalgia, to curate content pertaining to the history surrounding the Park. The final fifth exhibition area features co-creative art endeavor Drawing Taipei Workshop, where artist Han Lee guided participants in creating six artworks exclusive to Linear Park.

During the exhibition period, a series of day readings, workshops, and performances are held every weekend, with the purpose to give visitors a deeper understanding of the local culture, art, and history. Thus, this cultural corridor is converted into a starting point, encouraging the public to see Taipei in a new light.

Linear Park, which stretches from Taipei Main Station to Yuanshan Station, connects the landmark hubs of Taipei's North City. Taipei Metro focused initial efforts to transform the city on Xinzhongshan, beginning renovations in 2016. After numerous discussions during industry-academy cooperations, workshops, and annual Taipei Forums, Xinzhongshan Linear Park was completed in 2019 and has now become a rising exhibition space. Xinshuanglian Linear Park, completed in 2021, is an extensive green corridor that connects Zhongshan Station to Minquan West Road Station, infusing the area with a new allure. Landscape optimization of Yuanshan Station Linear Park is estimated for completion by the end of June this year, which will usher in a new look for the public urban space; on the other hand, renovation work for the space extending south to Taipei Main Station will begin in August and is expected to be completed in 2024. Once finished, this strip will connect with the results of the Western Gateway Project, forming a new prominent feature in downtown Taipei.

Additionally, people who signed up as Taipei Metro members on opening day (April 16) were eligible to participate in an on-site prize draw: prizes included vouchers to redeem food at booths, Taipei Metro's select coffee, and potted succulents. 2022 is Taipei Metro's biggest sweepstakes year yet—people who take the metro with a registered e-ticket can participate in a prize draw every day, with the chance to win the latest model of the Nintendo Switch!

For further information, please contact Taipei Metro's 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at (02) 218-12345 or the Taipei Citizens' Hotline at 1999 (for those outside the Greater Taipei area, dial 02-2720-8889), or visit Taipei Metro's website (https://www.metro.taipei/).