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Related Links

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2010/1/5

*Ministry Of Transportation And Communications
*Tourism Bureau, R.O.C
*Department Of Transportation, Taipei City Government *Taipei Fine Arts Museum
*Transportation Department, New Taipei City Government*National Museum of History
*Department Of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government*National Palace Museum
*Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit *Taipei Zoo
* Taoyuan Metro Corporation
*Taiwan Railways Administration  
*Bureau of High Speed Rail, MOTC
*Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
*EASYCARD Corporation  
* iPASS Corporation
* icash Corporation    


【Links to Taipei City Activities】

*UrbanRail.Net* Taipei City Government
*International Association of Public Transport (UITP)*Taipei City Police Department
*American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 
*CoMET and Nova Metro Benchmarking Groups

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