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TRTC Departmental Contact Numbers

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2010/1/14

TRTC Departmental Contact Numbers
Accounting Division886-2-253630018562886-2-25113344
Administration Division886-2-253630018205886-2-25115385
Business Division886-2-253630018504886-2-25118944
Contracted Business Division886-2-25783536505886-2-25770842
Finance Division886-2-253630018401886-2-25230859
Human Resources Division886-2-253630018142886-2-25114904
Industrial Safety Division886-2-253630018692886-2-25213508
Information Technology Division886-2-253630018466886-2-25219420
Infrastructure Division886-2-289301058808886-2-28920824
Legal Affairs and Government Ethics Division886-2-253630018595886-2-25117956
Planning Division886-2-253630018634886-2-25117945
Purchasing & Warehousing Division886-2-253630018421886-2-25318143
Rolling Stock Division886-2-289301058679886-2-28959360
Station Engineering Division886-2-289301058903886-2-28966846
Station Operations Division886-2-253630018654886-2-25212267
System Engineering Division886-2-289301058603886-2-28966846
Train Operations Division886-2-253630018602886-2-25112273

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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation