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For Your Convenience

For your convenience

1. Restrooms are available in Taipei Metro stations: If passengers want to use a restroom in a paid area, or use a restroom in a non-paid area during their journey, they may exit/enter the paid/non-paid area by the service gate free of charge.

restroom 1restroom 2

2. A "Help" button and detection devices for clandestine photography have been installed: A "Help" button has been installed in each restroom and patrols and detection devices are used to prevent clandestine photography.

Detection deviceHelp button

3. Breastfeeding rooms have been added to station facilities: Breastfeeding rooms are available at Taipei Main Station, Minquan W.Rd.Station, Jiantan Station, Beitou Station, Tamsui Station, C.K.S. Memorial Hall Station, Guting Station, Qizhang Station, Xindian Station, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, Nangang Station, Taipei City Hall Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, Ximen Station, Banqiao Station, Luzhou Station, Huilong Station, Daqiaotou Station, Dongmen Station, Songshan Airport Station ,Taipei Zoo Station, Daan Park Station, Daan Station, Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station, Zhongshan Station, Songjiang Nanjing Station, Nanjing Fuxing Station, Songshan Station and Dingpu Station. Passengers may contact station staff to use the room. Otherwise, passengers may follow the instructions from station staff to use the staff room at stations where breastfeeding rooms are not available. (Please refer to Breastfeeding Rooms Distribution Map.)

Breastfeeding rooms 1Breastfeeding rooms 2

4. "Safe Waiting Zone" established: To ensure the safety of passengers using the MRT at night, "Safe Waiting Zones" have been established along the central section of all platforms. This area is constantly monitored and activity is recorded through surveillance cameras. It is also subject to enhanced patrols. Intercoms are available so that passengers may contact station staff directly.

Nighttime Waiting Zones for Female Passengers 1Nighttime Waiting Zones for Female Passengers 2

5. Intercoms installed: To ensure passenger safety, intercoms have been installed on all platforms and trains. These can be used by passengers to contact station staff directly.

Intercom 1Intercom 2

6. Response to sexual harassment: Station staff will immediately intervene to prevent or stop sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior as soon as it is reported. They will also make a report to the police to deal with the incident.

7. Taxi dispatch information: For the convenience of passengers, small cards printed with taxi dispatch hotline information are available at all metro stations.

8. Pay your Taipei City and New Taipei City Parking fees at Taipei Metro stations

Parking fees can be paid at Metro stations. Any Taipei City and New Taipei City roadside parking fees that are within their due date can now be paid by EasyCard or cash at any Taipei Metro station. Overdue fees are not accepted; neither are violation notices or parking fees of other cities. No invoices will be issued as parking fees are government fees. The collection receipt is good as formal proof. For record inquiries on roadside parking fees or other questions, please visit the official Mandarin website of the Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office (http://parkingfee.pma.gov.tw)(Chinese), the New Taipei City parking management website (http://parkweb.traffic.ntpc.gov.tw)(Chinese) or contact the Taipei City customer services on +886-2-2726-9600, or New Taipei City customer services on 0800-007-550.

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