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Safety Facilities-Station

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2008/6/1

Safety Facilities-StationSafety Facilities-Platform
Safety Facilities-CarsSafety Facilities-Platform Doors

• Escalator Emergency Stop Button

Location: Beside handrails [at the top and bottom of all escalators]

Details: In an emergency, open the transparent plastic cover and press the red button to stop the escalator.

High-rise escalators are equipped with additional emergency stop buttons midway along the handrail.

Escalator emergency stop button
• Public Address System

Installed on platform and concourse levels of all stations and in each MRT car. The system provides general information during regular service and instructions in emergency situations. During an emergency, follow the instructions and evacuate the station if necessary.

Public addressing/Broadcasting
• Fire Control Equipment

Location: Concourse Level

Use: In case of fire, use this equipment to put out the fire or contact station staff immediately.

Fire Control Equipments in station concourse
• Elevator Emergency Stop and Call Buttons

Location: Inside elevators (concourse-platform)

Note: Priority on using the elevator should be given to elderly and disabled passengers and women with children or strollers. Do not use the elevator during an earthquake or fire.

Details: In an emergency, press the red emergency button to stop the elevator. The elevators have a “hit-and-reopen” function to avoid anything getting caught in the doors when closing.

Elevator emergency stop button and emergency call button

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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation