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Application Service

Application for a Tour of Taipei Metro

Points to Note for Tour of Taipei Metro

  1. Participants should obey all regulations and related rules enacted by TRTC.
  2. Tour of Taipei Metro is especially designed for groups, such as institutes, schools, or the public. Groups of less than 20 people or of children below third grade will not be accepted.
  3. Two groups are accepted each day from Monday to Friday, except national holidays. (One in the morning, the other in the afternoon.) The morning trip starts at 9am, and the afternoon trip at 2pm.
  4. Transportation before/after/during the trip is not the responsibility of the TRTC. Participants can buy group tickets at the Information Counter at any station. Groups over 10 people are entitled to a 20% discount and groups over 40 to a 30% discount.
  5. Participants may also choose Trip D. For Trip D, after the morning trip, participants can use three facilities (kid’s playroom, fitness equipment, and swimming pool) at the Beitou Recreational Center in the afternoon. (The time of use will depend on the opening hours of Beitou Recreational Center.)
  6. Applications must be submitted by fax or personal delivery 7 days before the scheduled date of the trip (except in some special cases). Response will be made via telephone after the application is verified.

    Application will be valid after all the above-mentioned procedures are completed.

  7. The applicant should appoint a leader to maintain order and ensure safety of participants during the trip.
  8. If participants cannot take part in the scheduled trip, please inform TRTC staff three days in advance.
  9. Participants who violate rules or cause any damage to facilities or the systems will be liable to payment of compensation for the damage.
  10. The final stop in the tour can be selected by participants. Participants can buy group tickets to take the MRT or arrange other transportation.
    (Address of Beitou Depot: No. 88, Lane 527, Dayeh Rd., Beitou District, Taipei)
    (Address of Operations Control Center: No. 32, Huayin St., Datong District, Taipei)
  11. Taipei Metro Tour is regulated by the Administration Division of TRTC.
    (TEL: 886-2-2521-9732)
    (Address: No. 7, Lane 48, Zhongshan North Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei) (Behind Taipei Fubon Bank Headquarters)

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