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Touching Stories Description

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2017/4/20

We were in Taiwan and looking for accommodation, but we didn’t speak any Chinese. The Metro staff were so kind to translate for us and help us find somewhere to stay. It was an unforgettable experience and we will cherish the memory for a long time to come. We really like Taiwan!
(2017.7.10 Customer’s Comments STKB06071001)

What is the Taipei Metro? It represents the speed, efficiency, kindness, and innovation. Right now, I see a female staff at Yuanshan Station patiently explaining the ticket regulations to a foreign couple. I was very touched by her warm smile and attention to detail. This is what makes the Taipei Metro the greatest system in the world!
(2017.7.14 Customer’s Comments STDC06071401)

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  • Updated: 2017/12/12 14:56
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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation