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Metro Logo

Metro Logo

The Meanings embodied in the Taipei Metro Logo

* The center of Taipei Metro’s CIS logo is a "man-bird" symbol. These two interlocking hexagonal figures represent the people whom the Taipei Metro serves who need to be transported rapidly from one place to another. At the same time, these abstract symbols also have the appearance of birds that fly to the four points of the compass.

* The two arches that encircle the "man-bird" symbol represent the smooth operation of the Taipei Metro. The gradation in the width of the arches represents movement and velocity. The combination of the "man-bird" with these arches manifests the spirit of the Taipei Metro, which is to provide the residents of this bustling metropolis with rapid and efficient transportation.

* The color scheme of the logo is blue and green, which represents advanced technology and environmental concerns, respectively. The combination of these two elements symbolizes the Taipei Metro’s aspirations to achieve a high quality and cultured life for the citizens of Taipei.

* The mass rapid transport service provided by the TRTC is provided under the brand name "Taipei Metro". By creating a recognizable brand for these services, the TRTC aims to establish itself as a quality service provider in the global market.