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To recover lost property, enquiries can be made  by calling the 24hr Customer Service at AI Customer Service

* To reclaim lost property

  1. To claim a lost object, you must prove that you are the owner. If you are reclaiming the object on behalf of someone else, you must show both your own and the owner's IDs.
  2. Valuable items or registered securities can only be claimed by the owner of these items.
  3. Please refer to Lost and Found Notice.

* Service Hours for the Metro Lost and Found Center

* Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM

* No service on Mondays, Sundays and holidays

* Office (profile

B2 near the Zhongshan Metro Mall R1 Exit

(go down one floor near the Pathway to Taipei Bus Station/Q Square)

【By Metro】
Exit from information counter 1 at Taipei Main Station (the concourse level of the Red Line)→Take the escalator up→walk 20 meters toward Zhongshan Metro Mall→Take the stairs at the centre of the pathway to go down.
Or carry on another 20 meters and take the elevator to B2.

【Entering from Civic Boulevard】
Take the elevator in front of the Civic Boulevard Zhongshan Metro Mall Exit R1 down to B2 (next to the Taipei Bus Terminal/Q Square).

* Tel: 24hr Customer Service AI Customer Service