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To build a safe and pleasant user environment, Taipei Metro has launched a series of information campaigns and activities to promote Metro safety and etiquette, raising passenger awareness to protect themselves and be considerate of others when on the Metro. Since the Muzha Line—Taipei’s first Metro Line—opened on 28th March 1996, Taipei Metro has developed an outstanding user culture, including "no food and drinks on the trains", "queuing to board", "giving up seats for those in need" and "lowering your voice when on the phone". Taipei Metro's staff and passengers built this caring community hand-in-hand, creating a pleasant travel experience. Therefore, March 28—the date the first MRT line opened –has been designated as the "Metro Culture Festival" to showcase and further promote this unique "MRT Culture", under the theme of "Courtesy and Consideration—For a Life of Joy and Convenience" with a series of activities organized in celebration of the anniversary.

Etiquette and Safety Guidance

  • Please give way at the elevators and give your seat to the disabled, elderly, pregnant women, passengers with young children and those wearing priority or "baby on board" stickers.
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum on the Metro or in stations. Stow your food and drinks in your bag.
  • Passengers with respiratory symptoms or otherwise who are unwell should wear surgical masks.

When using escalators

  • Hold the handrail, stand tightly and be considerate when using the escalators.

When using elevators

  • Please give elevator priority to the disabled, elderly, pregnant women and passengers with buggies. Passengers with large luggage are also advised to use the elevators.


  • Let arriving passengers off the train before boarding and mind the gap between the train and platform.

In the carriage

  • In consideration of others, please remove your backpacks and hold them by hand when entering Metro cars.
  • Hold on tight to the straps or handrails while the train is moving, and use them the way they are designed for.
  • Please turn down the volume of your personal electronic devices when on the Metro.
  • Be considerate of others when reading broadsheets or other printed matter on the Metro.