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NO.TitleUpdated Date
1What discount is offered for YouBike transfers?2021-03-31
2What is the procedure for advertising in metro stations?2020-02-20
3How to use the new-style automatic fare collection gate?2020-02-20
4If I need to leave the station paid area for a short period, to visit the restroom for example, what can I do?2020-02-20
5What are the regulations on lost objects within Taipei Metro premises?2020-02-20
6Why do you broadcast station names in four languages?2020-02-20
7What is the procedure for making up the fare?2020-02-20
8Do I need to buy a ticket if I remain in a station for a short period?2020-02-20
9What are the regulations for using commemorative tickets?2020-02-20
10How do I purchase a Group Ticket?2020-02-20
11What can I do if my EasyCard is withheld by the value-adding machine or if the process of value-adding is irregular?2020-02-20
12Why do we sometimes feel hot on the train?2020-02-20
13How can the public obtain authorization for using a video camera inside the Taipei Metro?2020-02-20
14What are the principles of broadcasting at stations?2020-02-20
15Can passengers distribute leaflets or promotional materials at the exit/entrance of stations?2020-02-20
16Can passengers take photos or film in stations or trains?2020-02-20
17Why do trains sometimes fail to stop at the correct position to the waiting lines, what are the procedures of High Capacity Systems for overshooting trains?2020-02-20
18What are the service hours for Taipei Metro? Can you extend the service hours?2020-02-20
19Under what conditions will the security guards blow their whistle on the platform?2020-02-20
20Does Taipei Metro install priority seats in each carriage? How do you conduct a campaign that effectively promotes behavioral rules on reminding passengers to yield their seat to those in need?2020-02-20