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Metro Network

Size of Taipei Metro

Number of lines: 6 (including Wenhu Line, Tamsui-Xinyi Line, Songshan-Xindian Line, Zhonghe-Xinlu Line, Bannan Line and Circular Line)
Number of stations: 131. Transfer stations (Ximen, CKS Memorial Hall, Guting and Dongmen Stations) that connect two lines yet share only one 
physical station, are calculated as one station each. Other stations connecting two lines are calculated as two stations.
Network length: 146.2km (operating), 152km (constructed)
BR Wenhu Line Taipei Zoo Station - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, 25.2km, 24 stations.
R Tamsui-Xinyi Line Tamsui Station - Xiangshan Station (including Xinbeitou Station), 29.3km, 28 stations.
G Songshan-Xindian Songshan Station - Xindian Station (including Xiaobitan Station), 20.7km, 20 stations.
O Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Nanshijiao Station - Huilong Station , Nanshijiao Station - Luzhou Station, 29.3km, 26 stations.
BL Bannan Line Dingpu Station - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, 26.6km, 23 stations.
Y Circular Line Dapinglin Station – New Taipei Industrial Park Station, 15.1km, 14 stations.