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Why do we sometimes feel hot on the train?

As the air conditioning inside the train is an automatic system, the temperature must be set by the maintenance staff in the Depot and cannot be adjusted by the driver directly. The temperature setting is based on passengers’ responses and the carriage loading difference between peak/off-peak hours.
Also, the setting is different for different seasons. The setting is aimed at satisfying the majority of passengers. Since there are significant loading differences between peak and off-peak hours, the time required to reach the target temperature varies. As a result, passengers may sometimes feel hot during peak hours or cold during off-peak hours. To overcome such uncomfortable conditions, after practical tests and evaluations, our air conditioning system has been modified so as to be set at different target temperatures automatically for peak/off-peak hours.This enhancement may keep the temperature in the carriage at about 26 ℃ at all times. Our staff will also pay more attention to air conditioning maintenance and monitoring.
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