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What discount is offered for YouBike transfers?

1.Starting March 30, 2021, passengers renting a YouBike from any YouBike station in the Greater Taipei area receive a discount of NT$5 when using their EasyCard to transfer between YouBike and Taipei Metro, local buses (except buses that charge by distance), Danhai LRT and Ankeng LRT within one hour. In addition, a successful deduction record upon exiting a Metro gate is required to receive a transfer discount on a subsequent YouBike ride.

2.The transfer must be direct. It does not apply when passengers also utilize other means of transportation, such as Taiwan Railways, Maokong Gondola, long-distance buses, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taoyuan Metro, or taxis.

3.Registration is required to rent a YouBike, and your EasyCard must have a balance of at least NT$1.