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What is the procedure for making up the fare?

1. Single-journey ticket: If a ticket's face value is not enough to pay the fare, passengers should make up the fare at the Information Counter. After station staff process the ticket, passengers can exit the station by using the ticket. 2. Ticket lost: If passengers lose their ticket, they should repurchase the ticket at the Information Counter. (If passengers lose their EasyCard, fare receipts will be issued after passengers repurchase the ticket. If passengers find their ticket later, these fare receipts can be used to request a free revision of ticket data.) 3.EasyCard's deficiency amount: If the transaction value is in excess of the balance, the deficiency will be met by disbursement out of the deposit on the first occasion that this situation occurs. If the balance is less than zero, the card cannot be used (including for bus transfer) and has to be value-added as soon as possible.