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If I need to leave the station paid area for a short period, to visit the restroom for example, what can I do? Can non-passengers ask to use the restrooms inside stations?

1. Passengers holding single journey tickets may ask for a refund if they wish to leave the paid area within five minutes of entering, without the fact of travel. Data on stored value cards, too, can be adjusted accordingly. Exit through the service gates. To reenter, a new ticket or electronic payment must be made.
2. If you ever find yourself in need of the restrooms located within a Taipei Metro station but are not planning to travel on the trains, or in need of the restrooms located outside a paid area during your ride, please ask for assistance at the information counter to pass through the Group Ticket/One-day Pass Entrance/Exit or contact station staff to get a "temporary pass" (blue token) without incurring extra charges.