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All Aboard the Taipei Metro Pet Day Charter Train! 36 Pet-Owner Groups Enjoy their Ride

The Pet Charter Train Event

The Pet Charter Train is about to depart. Owners, make sure your pets are wearing their chest straps and leashes. You may now take your fur children out of their strollers or cages, so that they can enjoy their ride on the metro in comfort!" broadcasted Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an to the 36 pet owners onboard, along with their accompanying 42 small-to-medium-sized dogs and cats.

At the April 9 press conference, Mayor Chiang stated that Taipei Metro has always been a pet-friendly form of public transportation. The company has spent a great deal of effort making this Pet Charter Train event a reality, giving pet owners the chance to fulfill their dreams of riding the metro alongside their pets. In addition to providing animal-friendly environments and pet-friendly transportation, Taipei City also has plans to continue the establishment of animal-related protection and education policies, which include the creation of a Non-Canine-Feline Case Investigation Team and implementation of mandatory pre-adoption education. By working to realize these goals, the Mayor hopes to make Taipei a livable city not only for people but animals as well.

Many rushed to register for this Pet Train event. Due to its popularity but being mindful not to impact the quality of the event, Taipei Metro decided to accept 6 more groups of participants, resulting in a total of 36 pet owners and 42 small-to-medium-sized canine and feline passengers. Mayor Chiang Wan-an, who is also a dog lover, joined everyone onboard the train, petting each furry companion and listening to owners sharing their opinions of the experience. The owners themselves were excited and couldn't wait to let their fur babies out of their cages to explore once the train had departed, with everyone chatting and playing together. At the terminal station Yuanshan Station, many metro fans stood in wait to welcome the arrival of the Pet Charter Train and take pictures of this historic moment.

On the day of the event, the pet market outside Yuanshan Station opened at 10 am. Many pets and their owners gathered there, with sellers showcasing carefully selected items fit for their beloved companions, offering everyone a great place to spend their weekend. The Taipei City Animal Protection Office also set up public welfare booths on site that offered services such as free rabies vaccinations as well as the promotion of animal protection practices to spread awareness about its importance.

Taipei Metro invested much time and thought into the planning of the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. Cats and dogs were separated into different carriages to prevent unnecessary encounters. Vets, trainers, and behaviorists were stationed on the train; equipment such as air filters and portable fences were also installed onboard. Furthermore, Taipei Metro arranged for a thorough cleaning of the carriages after the event before returning the train to its standard assignment.

For more details on Taipei Metro's pet-friendly measures, feel free to call or visit the following:
Taipei Metro's 24-hour Customer Service Hotline: 886-2-218-12345;
Taipei City's Citizen Hotline: 1999 (outside Taipei City: 886-2-27208889);
Taipei Metro's official Chinese website: https://www.metro.taipei/