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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Metro News File

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei Zoo to Celebrate Halloween with Zoolloween2018-10-03
2TRTC Increases Number of Waiting Areas Dedicated to Expecting Moms2018-09-12
3New Summer Break Experience at the Taipei Arena Ice Skating Rink2018-09-06
4TRTC Introduces Priority Queuing Zone for Families, Pregnant Women2018-08-30
5All Pass Ticket: Now Available for Student EasyCard2018-08-17
6TRTC to Add Station Arrival Alert in Japanese for 13 MRT Stations2018-08-16
7Monthly Pass Now Available for Co-branded EasyCard/Debit Card holders2018-07-05
8Taipei Metro Pass x Taipei 100 Select for Dining, Attractions and Shopping!2018-06-14
9Wifi Service Upgrade across MRT Network2018-05-22
10Maokong Gondola Partners with Gozaisho Ropeway to Offer Discount Rides2018-05-10
11Air Quality at MRT Stations Meets Code Standards2018-05-02
12Map Flooring Installed at Taipei Main Station to Help Navigation2018-04-13
13MRT Stations to Allow Boarding with Bicycles during Weekday Off-Peak Hours2018-03-28
14Taipei Main Station Smartens Up2018-03-19
15Taipei, New Taipei City Introduces MRT/Bus Monthly Pass for Commuters2018-03-15
16TRTC Ensures Implementation of SOPs in Response to Earthquakes2018-02-21
17Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Rolls out One-Day Pass for 20182018-02-12
18Public Invited to Visit Yuanshan Area’s Hidden Attraction -- Jiantan Park2017-11-23
19Revamped Space at TRTC Building Now Available for Facility Rental2017-11-22
20Bike Access Cancelled for Two MRT Stations on Holidays Starting November 252017-11-21