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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Metro News File

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Maokong Gondola Annual Inspection and Repair Completed Successfully2019-06-11
2MRT Street Dance Festival to Kick-off! Total Prizes Reach NT$760,000!2019-06-06
3It’s Water Frolicking Time! Dajia Water Playground Opens to the Public2019-06-05
4MRT-Kuo-Kuang Bus Co-branded Tickets Launches on June 12019-05-29
5TRTC Organizes "Thank You – Upgraded LED Badge for Expectant Mothers" Campaign2019-05-21
6Mayor Ko Attends Thanksgiving Gala Celebrating MRT 10 Billionth Trip2019-05-20
7Tianmu Food festival 2019! Food and Prizes Galore!2019-04-29
8Choo-choo! All Aboard the Taipei Zoo’s Pangolin and Frog Trains!2019-03-06
9Beitou’s Outdoor and Indoor Hot Springs Rejuvenate the Body, Mind, and Soul2019-02-13
10New Year’s Hike to Zhinan Temple: Receive Blessings from the Pig Pair2019-02-12
11TRTC Adds Armrests to MRT Priority Seats to Improve Comfort and Safety2019-01-24
12TRTC Successfully Meets the Challenge of New Year's Eve Transport Service2019-01-01
13First Outdoor Transportation Park in Taiwan Inaugurated on December 32018-12-04
14Enjoy Evening Cycling at the Riverside2018-11-28
15New Scenic Artworks Installed at MRT Yongchun, Houshanpi Stations2018-11-22
16MRT Ximen Station to Designate Space for Dance Practice, Recreation Activities2018-11-07
17TRTC Increases Number of Waiting Areas Dedicated to Expecting Moms2018-09-12
18TRTC Introduces Priority Queuing Zone for Families, Pregnant Women2018-08-30
19All Pass Ticket: Now Available for Student EasyCard2018-08-17
20TRTC to Add Station Arrival Alert in Japanese for 13 MRT Stations2018-08-16