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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Metro News File

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Beitou’s Outdoor and Indoor Hot Springs Rejuvenate the Body, Mind, and Soul2019-02-13
2MRT Ximen, Beimen Station to Suspend Bicycle Access February 16, 17, 242019-02-13
3New Year’s Hike to Zhinan Temple: Receive Blessings from the Pig Pair2019-02-12
4Enjoy Sakura in Full Blooms at the 2019 LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival2019-02-12
5Dazzling Light Spectacle at the 2019 Taipei Luminarie2019-02-01
62019 Taipei Lantern Festival Centerpiece “Sparkling Precious Piggy” Shines in Sound and Light Show2019-01-29
7TRTC Adds Armrests to MRT Priority Seats to Improve Comfort and Safety2019-01-24
82019 Taipei Lantern Festival: Mickey Mouse Lantern in Ximending2019-01-24
9The Beitou Tankan Orange Festival Mountain Hike: Now Open for Registration!2019-01-23
10Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum celebrates New Years with Exhibition, Gifts, Postcard game2019-01-21
11Taipei Arena Ice Land - Single Purchase Offers Free Ice Land Tickets on Work Days2019-01-16
12MRT Group IC (chip) Ticket Trial Sale: 1 Person Could Swipe for a Group of Less Than 20 Passengers to Automatically Enter and Exit the Station to Save Time2019-01-14
13TRTC Successfully Meets the Challenge of New Year's Eve Transport Service2019-01-01
14First Outdoor Transportation Park in Taiwan Inaugurated on December 32018-12-04
15Enjoy Evening Cycling at the Riverside2018-11-28
16New Scenic Artworks Installed at MRT Yongchun, Houshanpi Stations2018-11-22
17Taipei Biennial 2018 (Nov. 17, 2018 – March 10, 2019)2018-11-20
18Cross-city Hiking Trail Challenge Attract over 100 Participants2018-11-15
19New Automated Book Borrowing Kiosk Installed at MRT Xingtian Temple Station2018-11-14
20MRT Ximen Station to Designate Space for Dance Practice, Recreation Activities2018-11-07