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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Metro News File

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Chrysanthemum World Travel: 2018 Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show2018-12-11
2Countdown at Maokong: Another Option for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve2018-12-10
3Taipei Children Amusement Park Anniversary Dec. 15 – 162018-12-06
4First Outdoor Transportation Park in Taiwan Inaugurated on December 32018-12-04
5Announcing the 2018 Gongguan Christmas Season at Taipei Water Park2018-12-04
6Chrysanthemum Show Kicks-off at Shilin Residence2018-11-30
7Enjoy Evening Cycling at the Riverside2018-11-28
8December Highlights of the Expo Park Farmer’s Market2018-11-28
9Christmas Scribbling Event to Take Place at Taipei Arena2018-11-27
10New Scenic Artworks Installed at MRT Yongchun, Houshanpi Stations2018-11-22
11Taipei Biennial 2018 (Nov. 17, 2018 – March 10, 2019)2018-11-20
12Cross-city Hiking Trail Challenge Attract over 100 Participants2018-11-15
13New Automated Book Borrowing Kiosk Installed at MRT Xingtian Temple Station2018-11-14
14MRT Ximen Station to Designate Space for Dance Practice, Recreation Activities2018-11-07
15Mayor Attends Inauguration Ceremony for Exit 2 at MRT Beitou Station2018-10-29
16TRTC Increases Number of Waiting Areas Dedicated to Expecting Moms2018-09-12
17TRTC Introduces Priority Queuing Zone for Families, Pregnant Women2018-08-30
18All Pass Ticket: Now Available for Student EasyCard2018-08-17
19TRTC to Add Station Arrival Alert in Japanese for 13 MRT Stations2018-08-16
20Monthly Pass Now Available for Co-branded EasyCard/Debit Card holders2018-07-05