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.Do not run, push or jostle on the platform.
.Keep clear of staircase and escalator landing areas and do not obstruct passageways.
.Line up behind the white line. Do not cross the yellow line while
  while waiting for trains.
.Take special care of accompanying children and elderly persons.
.Let passengers alight first.
.Yield to passengers in wheelchairs.
.Mind the gap between train and platform.
.Do not force your way through the doorway when you hear the door-closing buzzer.
.Do not block the doors when they are closing.
.Do not trespass onto the track.
.Watch your personal belongings and make sure nothing falls onto the tracks. 
.Do not pick up anything you drop onto the track. Please use the intercom to contact station staff for assistance.
.In case of emergency, use the intercom to speak to station staff.
.When a person or a large object falls onto the track, please press the emergency stop button to stop the train.