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All Pass Ticket

All Pass Ticket

When entering the gates, place the ticket on the sensor. When you hear the piano sound and see a green arrow on the screen, the gate opens. Touch out the same way to leave the station.

Activated All Pass Tickets can be refunded at any Metro station within their validity period. No refund can be made once a ticket has expired. Refunds are calculated as follows: The original purchase amount minus (daily amount * number of days) minus NT$20 handling fee. The daily amount is NT$180 for the first day and NT$130 for every following day. The number of days is calculated from the day of activation to the day of refund. If the refund amount is negative, no refund will be given.

Instructions for the All Pass Ticket
Ticket types Applicable public transports Eligibility Where to purchase
EasyCard Adult EasyCard,
Co-branded EasyCard,
or Debit EasyCard,
Student Card, and digital Student ID EasyCard
Adult EasyCard
o-branded EasyCard, Debit EasyCard
Taipei Metro,
Danhai LRT,
bus services,
and YouBike
  1. The All Pass Ticket must be activated within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  2. Place the ticket over the automatic payment sensor at any Metro station gates, Danhai LRT or bus validator to activate it automatically. It will remain valid until end of the service of the 30th day.
  3. The ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the Taipei Metro, Danhai LRT and Taipei City/New Taipei City buses (except buses charging by distance) within its validity period. Cardholders also enjoy 30 free minutes of YouBike rides (registration process required). Valid for one passenger at a time only.
  1. Applicable EasyCards: Adult EasyCard, Co-Branded EasyCard, EasyCard Debit Card, Student Card, and digital Student ID EasyCard (issued by county/city governments or schools for students over 12 years old). The remaining validity of Co-Branded EasyCard and EasyCard Debit Card must be no less than 60 days.
  2. First purchase/setting up: Bring your EasyCard to purchase/set up at any information counter or ticketing machine of the Taipei Metro.
  3. Extension: Cardholders may extend their cards by topping up at the information counters or ticketing machines of any Taipei Metro station starting from within 10 days of the card's expiration (or the 21st day following activation). If the All Pass Ticket is still valid when you purchase an extension, the extension period will automatically begin one day after the original All Pass Ticket expires. If the ticket has already expired when you purchase an extension, the ticket is activated on the first day of use after extension (the ticket must be activated within 30 days of the date of extension).