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.Mind the gap between platform and train.

.Listen carefully to on-board announcements.

.Move into the center of train compartments.

.Make space for passengers in wheelchairs when necessary.

.When the train is accelerating or braking, standing passengers should hold on to handrails or strap hangers.

.Do not lean against doors.

.Do not put your hands on the doors.

.Give your seat to those in need.

.When talking on your cell phone, please lower your voice to avoid interfering with the comfort of other passengers. 

.Do not place your luggage where it may obstruct other passengers.

.Be careful with your belongings when getting on/off the train.

.Do not force your way through the doorway when you hear the door-closing buzzer.

.In case of emergency, use the intercom by the door to contact the train operator or Operations Control Center.