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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation December 19, 2020
Date: December 16, 2020 
Day: Wednesday Time: Approx. 9pm 
MRT Station: Xihu Metro Station (西湖站) 
Description: A big thanks to the security guard, Mr. Lai (賴先生), who was kind enough to assist an elderly lady to board the MRT at Xihu Station (西湖站) on Wednesday night. The senior female passenger was unfamiliar with the public transport and needed to get to Gongguan Station (公館站), which required transit at a ”Green Line” station. Mr. Lai was not only helpful in assisting the lady to board the car but he had also contacted the MRT conductor and personnel at relevant stations to make them aware of the situation. I was relieved to see Mr. Lai’s professionalism and patience in handling the matter at the time. More importantly, it was heartwarming to see kindness particularly at such a late hour when most people were about to finish their shift and return home. I would like Taipei Metro Corporation to convey my gratitude to the security guard, Mr. Lai at Xihu Station, as well as acknowledging Taipei Metro for having recruited and trained a thoughtful employee like Mr. Lai. I am sure the lady was well taken care of thanks to all the personnel involved. Thank you all. 
(2020.12.21 Customer’s Comments SXEF09122103) 

Lost AirPod at Hongshulin Station 
Hello, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the very kind worker at Hongshulin Station on the evening of December 25th. That morning, I had many bags and was very busy. My AirPod fell out and onto the tracks. I could not retrieve it and had to wait till the end of my workday to ask for help. The very kind man on the evening shift helped me and said they would look for it at the end of service. The next day it was found! Wow! So nice of all the workers to help me get it back! It was a new thing I had bought for Christmas and I was scared to lose it so soon. I will be more careful. Please accept my gratitude and thankfulness. You are all wonderful people and I love Taiwan for all the kind, thoughtful people. Good job Taipei Metro and Thank you.
(2020.12.28 Customer’s Comments C09122825)