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I would like to say that it has been such a pleasant experience using the metro in Taiwan. It is clean and tidy with friendly staff and lots of toilets! Well done guys. Keep up the great work. From Thailand (your friendly neighbor)!
(2019.6.15  Customer’s Comments STEB08061501) 

Very well made MRT that is very easy for tourists to use. → Thank you very, very, very much! From Switzerland.
(2019.4.14  Customer’s Comments STEE08041401) 

We would like to express our appreciation towards the station master, Mr. Lin (副站長林敬翔) , at Taipei Metro’s Beimen Station! His explanation was excellent! It was easy to find the Taoyuan Metro’s Lost & Found center, and fortunately I got my iPhone back yesterday. Thank you so much! Tourists from Japan.
(2019.4.30  Customer’s Comments STIF08043001) 

I really like your service. Thank you for giving clear directions, which made it easy to travel around Taipei. Your service is nice and lovely!
(2019.5.19  Customer’s Comments STDF08051903) 

My friends and I are from Thailand. Your public transportation system represents the city’s high degree of development. We were very impressed and enjoyed every single moment in your country!
(2019.5.22  Customer’s Comments STDF08052201) 

I’m from the Philippines. This is my first time visiting Taiwan. We got lost, and a staff member at MRT Station R20 helped us. He was very accommodating! 
Your system is very good, clean, and not smelly. It’s a 5-star MRT! I hope there will be a comparable system in the Philippines one day. Thank you!
(2019.5.10  Customer’s Comments STDF08051002) 

Taipei Metro is truly wonderful. The way all of the staff & volunteers work together makes using the MRT an enjoyable experience. I feel it is constantly improving. Thank you for your efforts in making a world-class metro system.
(2019.5.29  Customer’s Comments STKF08052901)