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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Touching Stories

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I am visiting from Japan. Taipei Metro is very easy to navigate and much cheaper than the trains in Japan! Love Taiwan! Hope to see you in Japan!
(2019.2.18  Customer’s Comments STEC08021802) 

We would like to thank the lovely female staff (站長洪慧玲) at Metro Guting Station for helping us on 29 December.
She was very kind and patient as she introduced the different types of IC cards to us. Because of her assistance, we opted for the EasyCard, which turned out really convenient and helpful during our trip. We were also really amazed how clean the stations and trains were. Nash & Nicok
(2019.1.1  Customer’s Comments STEE08010102) 

Mr. Zhang, the station master of Dazhi Station, was extremely helpful! My grandmother got lost during our trip, but Mr. Zhang managed (副站長張展瑜) to find her and did his utmost to contact us. I cannot imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t found my grandmother. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done. I really appreciate your great help. All Metro staff have been really friendly too. I really love it here!
 (2019.3.24  Customer’s Comments STKG08032401) 
I was travelling with my daughter in a stroller when I became separated from my mother at a station. My mother does not speak or understand Mandarin very well. Fortunately, the very nice Metro staff helped contact Daan Station, and even called out for my mother over the public announcement system. We were so grateful for the help we received. Please keep up the good work for all those who need help like us. These may be small deeds to you but they meant a lot to us. Thank you! 
(2019.2.24  Customer’s Comments STKG08022401) 

Thank you so much to all your staff (站務員胡智超) for finding my money. I’m so proud of you! I LOVE TAIWAN! 
(2019.1.26  Customer’s Comments STDF08012601)