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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

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Your Metro system is the best we’ve ever experienced. It’s so clean, friendly, accessible, and there are restrooms everywhere. Well done! Thank you for the wonderful time in Taipei!
(2018.10.18  Customer’s Comments STEB07101802) 

I had a problem with my YouBike and didn’t know what to do. I asked for help at Ximen Station, where a male service staff (林沛興) with glasses assisted me. He was very kind and cultivated, I was very grateful for his help. 
(2018.10.10  Customer’s Comments STEC07101001) 
The Taipei Metro is really good. Compared to my home country of Germany, the staff here is very friendly, the service is always on time, and stations are very clean. Thank you! 
(2018.12.21  Customer’s Comments STDF07122101) 
The Metro system in Taiwan is incredible! Keep up the great work making public transportation a pleasant and efficient experience. Your wonderful work will be a future incentive for me to return to Taiwan for another vacation very soon.  
(2018.12.31  Customer’s Comments STDF07123101) 

Many thanks to your entire team for the impressive cleanliness and order in your Metro system. We are from France and we are so happy to be here and travel with you! 
(2018.11.11  Customer’s Comments STIF07111101) 

The station services are very good. The staff are great. Trains and stations are clean. I will definitely visit Taipei again! Everything here is awesome. 
(2018.12.24  Customer’s Comments STIH07122401)