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No suggestions! You have the best metro infrastructure in all the places we have travelled! The system is clean, efficient, and user friendly; the staff are polite and friendly. Well done Taiwan!
(2019.11.28  Customer’s Comments STDF08112801) 

Just wanted to say good job on maintaining the Taipei Metro! The rubber stamp booklet is such a wonderful idea and a meaningful souvenir! :)
(2019.11.30  Customer’s Comments STDF08113001) 

We are visiting Taipei from Australia. This is the best Metro system we have ever used. The information displayed was very clear. The staff were courteous & helpful. Toilets were extraordinarily clean! Great job!
(2019.12.27  Customer’s Comments STDF08122702) 

Excellent service! Thank you so much!
(2019.10.14  Customer’s Comments STDF08101401) 

Metro Taipei is one of the best city metro systems in the world. Well-run and clean. Facilities, trains, and everyone working here are helpful. I appreciate how easy it is to get around Taipei with the great directions, maps, and English. Thank you!
(2019.12.29  Customer’s Comments STEC08122901) 

Hello, I just want to say: the MRT in Taipei is perfect. Always clean, on time, secure, and convenient. Thank you to the staff for the amazing daily work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
(2019.12.17  Customer’s Comments STEE08121701) 

I am a tourist from Japan. On my trip to Taipei last October, I lost my green backpack on a train bound for Daan around lunch time. I tried to contact the Taipei Metro Customer Service Center, and, luckily, there was a service agent fluent in Japanese available even during lunch break. They were of great help.

Thank you so much to the service agent at Customer Service and the station staff at Daan station for helping me to find my bag. I was so relieved to hear someone speaking in Japanese from the other side of the phone. The better I get to know Taiwan, the more I like Taiwan. I will definitely visit here with friends again! Thank you!
(2019.12.02  Customer’s Comments SXEF08120202)