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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Touching Stories

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Your staff at Shilin Station, Mrs. Liu Yujun, was very attentive and helpful. She is a very kind lady. Thank you! 
(2018.9.1  Customer's Comments STDC07090103) 

I am eternally grateful for all the help Taiwan gives us whenever Japan is in difficulties. I love Taiwan and will definitely come back again! 
From a Japanese friend. 
(2018.9.30  Customer's Comments STDC07093001) 

Very beautiful and clean stations. Very easy to navigate for tourists. Much nicer than trains in Sydney.
(2018.9.11  Customer's Comments STIF07091102) 
Very clean and beautiful stations. Trains are regular, large and taken care of. Much better than trains in Australia! ? Keep up the good work, Taipei!
(2018.9.11  Customer's Comments STEE07091101) 
Hi! I like it here. So pretty and clean. Good job. Thank you. 
(2018.7.22  Customer's Comments STDB07072201) 
Excellent Service! Taiwan is fantastic! I love it. Wow!
(2018.7.30  Customer's Comments STDB07073001) 
I love your Transportation System! Cheap, reliable and fast. Thank you.
(2018.7.4  Customer's Comments STDC07070401)