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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation


NO.TitleUpdated Date
21What are the service hours for Taipei Metro? Can you extend the service hours?2019-09-04
22Under what conditions will the security guards blow their whistle on the platform?2019-09-04
23Does Taipei Metro install priority seats in each carriage? How do you conduct a campaign that effectively promotes behavioral rules on reminding passengers to yield their seat to those in need?2019-09-04
24How does the Taipei Metro respond to an earthquake?2019-09-04
25What does two-way transfer between metro and bus mean? What are the two-way transfer fares for the various electronic tickets?2019-09-04
26Application and use of digital student identity EasyCard?2019-09-04
27What are types of Taipei Fun Pass "Transportation"? Where to buy Taipei Fun Pass "Transportation"?2019-09-04
28How to apply for and use a co-branded EasyCard?2019-09-04
29Why does Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation conduct maintenance work on elevators and escalators during service periods?2019-09-04
30Why do the doors of elevators work and close very slowly in the metro systems?2019-09-04
31Is it possible to rearrange the schedules to facilitate transfers between main and branch lines?2019-09-04
32How do I use Single-Journey Tickets (tokens)? What are the relevant regulations? Can I obtain an official receipt for my purchase?2019-09-04
33Beitou Resort FAQs2019-09-04
34Why does the train sometimes accelerate, decelerate or stop between stations?2019-09-04
35At what moment do train doors open and close on the Taipei Metro? Who is in control? What happens if the doors are obstructed?2019-09-04
36How do you decide whether broadcasts are live or pre-recorded for High-Capacity Systems?2019-09-04
37Where can I buy 24hr Taipei Metro Passes and One-Day Passes?What are the prices, validities and usage of the passes? How do I make bulk purchases of One-Day Passes?2019-09-04
38Where do I find information on the latest and future Metro lines?2019-09-04
39What is the policy and fare for taking bicycles on Taipei metro?2019-09-04
40Does Taipei Metro provide any maps or information brochures?2019-09-04