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NO.TitleUpdated Date
41Why are fraudulent uses of Senior/Companion EasyCards fined 50 times the original fare?2020-02-20
42How do I apply for proof of top-up or travel for electronic tickets? How do I check my travel records?2020-01-20
43Who can travel free on the Taipei Metro?2020-02-20
44Why is there a fee for entering and exiting from the same station? How does it work? Is there some way I enter and exit from the same station for free?2020-02-20
45What are the bus/metro fares charged on different types of Electronic Tickets?2020-02-20
46How does the driver handle a situation in which a train passenger feels uncomfortable and needs medical assistance?2020-02-20
47When do train drivers sound the horn?2020-02-20
48How long do the doors remain open after the train arrives at the station?2020-02-25
49What are the uses of the EasyCard? Where can you buy them? How do you get a refund? What other regulations are there?2020-02-20
50What are the limitations on those who bring animals into stations or trains?2020-08-31
51Where is the location of the Taipei Metro Souvenir Shop?2020-03-13
52Where can I use EasyCard for parking?2020-02-20
53Where is the location of Taipei Metro Mall and what are the business hours ?2020-02-20
54What is the consequence of those who violate the "Regulations for Use of the Taipei Metro System"?2020-02-20
55What are the regulations on carry-on objects and size of luggage?2020-02-20
56Does Taipei Metro remain operational during a Typhoon Warning Period?2020-08-11